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Picanha Time!!

Updated: Feb 1

That's right, I took my time sourcing the proper piece for these beauties! I have had so many requests, but I needed to make sure you were going to love the cut and want to come back for more of it if I were going to bring it in. Having tried 5 different producers and 3 different qualities/grades (“rough work” but I will continue to go through great lengths to make sure you get the best quality beef, pork, poultry and more.) I settled on a new rancher!! So, please join me in welcoming British Baldies of Prather Ranch of California to the family of ranchers that we are proud to work with here at The Meatery. Here is what Cream Co. says about their British Baldies Flag Ship program;

Our British Baldies program satisfies the serious carnivore looking for an elevated version of an archetypal young steer. British Baldies spend 12–16 months on open range pasture. As the Angus/Hereford/Shorthorn crosses approach full size, they’re finished on a no-corn, no-soy mix of barley, triticale (wheat & rye), and straw. The grains are slowly introduced into the steers’ diet to ensure an easy digestive transition from native range to grain. The animals have easy access to open pasture, fresh water, and shade throughout finishing. Our finishing process takes 90-150 days. The animals are harvested onsite in the ranches' Certified Humane abattoirs. Finally, the key to this beef’s fully developed flavor and exceptional performance is dry-aging the whole carcass 14–21 days. Hanging the carcass whole intensifies all the traits we were looking for in a young steer program—slowly breaking down the connective tissue of an already tender beast, shedding water weight, and concentrating intense flavor across all cuts. The British Baldies flavor profile is uniquely beefy—the richly marbled lean meat shines while still providing an unctuous full–flavored fat that caramelizes quickly.

Now that all of that is said, what the hell is Picanha anyways you ask?? Pronounced (pee-KAN-Yah) it is a steak of many names. Cut from the rump cap on the top sirloin some might call it the butt cheek of a cow. It gets called Cap Sirloin, Fat cap, Top Sirloin Cap, Coulotte and finally Picanha. A traditional brazilian steak, with a delicious and beautiful fat cap. Classically folded into a horseshoe shape and skewered to make for easy grilling, but takes to a cast iron skillet very well. Easy to cook, super delicious and darn good looking if I do say so myself. Check out the recipe below for an incredible Brazilian BBQ Picanha Steak. Steak for a special introductory price this weekend, grab a few and fall in love.

It is a big Week for the Fisher Family!! My Beautiful bride will celebrate her birthday, Madeline our high school senior will graduate Friday and ALL 5 of our kids, their dogs, cats and ‘important persons’ will be at our house this week to celebrate Madeline!! And Momma will be thrilled to have her nest full again! Me too!! Congratulations to all the graduates doing the graduating thing this time of year! That said, with all we have going on this week, I’m keeping it simple, Porcini & Artichoke Bolognese in the Grab and Go case as well as Beef Bourguignon with Creamy Smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and For a special sandwich we are doing our play on a Chihuahua Hot Dog, A.K.A. the Seaside Dog… Our Chile Verde Sausage, Chipotle Aioli, Soft Roll, Oaxaca Cheese, Salsa Brava and avocado! Don't miss this.

See Ya at the Counter!


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