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Yuzu Koshō, the salty-sweet combo adding a new amazing flavor to your New York Steak

Yes, of course, I like sweet and salty food combinations, don't we all? It’s no mistake that salted caramel everything is available. And I really like the heightened combination of spicy, salty, and sweet foods. Add into the combination acidic foods and the palate is in flavor nirvana! Enter Yuzu Koshō, a Japanese condiment that is everything we just discussed. Yuzu is a Japanese Citrus, looking a lot like a small grapefruit, Yuzu is very tart with grapefruit-like notes and overshadowing of mandarin orange. Used in various forms, the zest and juice are both fragrant and flavorful. In the case of Yuzu Koshō, the Yuzu zest and fruit are salted and fermented with green or red Thai Chilies. This condiment makes a great finishing touch to a perfectly cooked steak or a great wet rub for pork before grilling, whisked sparingly into a vinaigrette, or folded into an aioli for a sensational complement to Korean BBQ tacos… If you’ve been into The Meatery, you’ve undoubtedly heard me go on about finishing my steaks once grilled and sliced with one of our many finishing salts. Yuzu Koshō does that and then does an interpretive dance on your tongue with 6-inch stilettos! Here is what I barely dare to call a recipe, perhaps more a series of actions that will lead you to a delicious, new experience with Yuzu Koshō in the driver's seat.

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