Spaghetti Squash became a Winner Winner make that for dinner!

When my wife and I are together, we often get the question asked "who does the cooking at home", the answer is - we both do! She probably has done more of the dinners at home than I have, cause well - the restaurant industry keeps pretty late hours but nevertheless, when I do get a chance to be home for the dinner hours, I love to cook. And rarely is it planned. More often it is me scouring the fridge to see what's on hand and making something up. That being said, it's sometimes hard to recreate because it was made of various leftovers and this is one of those recipes my beautiful bride said - WRITE THIS ONE DOWN! And when its something I've made for her again & again - I know it's a winner. It's not complicated, the veggie is also the starch. Hope you enjoy it!

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