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Produce Marketing Assoc - Fresh Summit 2022 IFPA

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I have mentioned before my fantastic relationship with Duda Farm Fresh Foods. I am their Culinary Brand Ambassador and have been for at least 11 years now. The Duda family is a wonderful family, the company is still a family run business and they are based in Florida and California. We have worked together on culinary projects for at least 20 years and it has truly been a blessing to my family to be a part of theirs. Last week was IFPA or what was called PMA for years

They grow the BEST celery, the best! And corn, radishes, citrus and more. I create recipes for them using their incredible produce and here are a few with links to the recipes.

Recipe can be found here for Bacon Deviled Eggs

Recipe can be found here for the Cubano

The key to this one was the pickled radish coins, people went nuts for them! And day two because I had extra, I added the radish pickle to the top of the shrimp salad - amazing! SO easy to make pickles and even easier starting with the radish you can see in the photo below, the hot pickling liquid make the pink purge and color the whole coin. Perfect Pink Pickles that everyone thought were carrots, but nope - Radish!

Recipe can be found here for the Florida Pink Shrimp Salad loaded with crunchy Dandy Celery in a chilled Dandy Super Sweet Corn dressing

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