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Turkeys and Gravy and Stuffing - OHMY!

Thanks to this amazing team of turkey shuttlers and order gatherers - we had a very successful Thanksgiving! The helm of orders being processed and keeping the ship headed on course was our wonderful, Kathy The Great! And the kitchen team of Jose, Lorenzo, Jesus and Dan with Chef Todd at the helm was A+ Team!

(always a firecracker that one...)

Parker took over as prime rib preparer, Boston was reach into the ice cold brine and pull out the birdx100-er, Abbie flew in from SLC in time to get the gathering system in place alongside her sisters, Mackenzie & Madeline and Holden took orders and build pickup orders like it wasn't his first rodeo.

Thank goodness we had wine on hand, we toasted and back to work!

All and all, we both reflected on what it means to us to see our family (related and added) jumping in to make it happen. No better team that this. And yes that's what we were thankful for!

Now for the insight into our own Thanksgiving....

We'd prepped a lot. But were also the 8pm TG Eve shoppers because that sorta forgot to include our own grocery list.

And despite making more than two speed racks (for those that arent sure if that involves a mechanic, a speed rack is a cart on wheels that holds sheet pans (and if that's also confusing, a sheet pan is "a cookie sheet" with sides that commercial kitchens use for virtually everything, only twice the size) .

Anyway, the kitchen team cut and dried out bread for stuffing by a lot, but in our house, Abbie and Daddy always make the stuffing. It dawned on me early Thursday while sipping coffee, Chef watching some FIFA, I tried to make do with what I found on hand and it just goes to show you that things often came out of necessity and necessity called for using what was on hand.

In this case, some very hard focaccia, some rolls from dinner two nights before, leftover buns I like to make egg sandwiches with for school mornings and half stack of sliced sourdough. Cut into bits and left to dry out, Abbie and Daddy made the Stuffing.

It was DELICIOUS! And like every year Todd cuts our turkey into two pans, leg thigh and breasts...cooks both on top of the stuffing for the flavor but shorter cooking time and no worries of contamination scares. That crispy top, had to sneak a bite!

And then....he did what he always does, he out does HIMSELF!

The Leftovers Sandwich of all sandwiches, only had one myself but it was amazing!

And that's a wrap of our Thanksgiving Festivities, house was full, stomaches even fuller and hearts bursting!

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