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The recipe we've been making for 26 years! Backyard Salmon

I've always been impressed with the number of you who have given up meat for Lent. I am proud of you and your willpower to do so and the fact that you feel led to sacrifice something. But, many of you are still coming by and asking questions about meat. I want to support you. So, I called my good friend Robbie at Robbie’s Ocean Fresh Seafood and had him drop off some beautiful sides of salmon. Now, some of you may be familiar with my Backyard Salmon, a dish I served for years at Hullaballoo, my restaurant in Salinas… It was inspired by my beautiful bride’s grandfather Weber. He used to make a delicious salmon! He cooked on his Weber grill (no relation) in a marinade of soy, sugar, sesame oil and a few other ingredients. One day, soon after my first daughter Mackenzie was born, Ada and I were living in an 600 sq foot house in P.G. and we were given filet of salmon by someone and Ada, craving her grandfather's salmon, asked me to recreate it. Having not much in the way of groceries or a pantry, I measured some soy and sesame oil, smashed a clove of garlic or two and needing something sweet, I opened the cabinets and there was a jar of organic apricot baby food puree. I poured that into the marinate and whisked it together and grilled it up in our tiny back yard, damn it was delicious. When I wrote the menu for Hullaballoo, I put an upgraded version on the menu called Todd’s Backyard Salmon. The upgrade was the use of Apricot preserves, mirin and roasted sesame oil. The sugar from the apricot preserves helped the sauce caramelize and let the smokey goodness stick to it. I have filets ready here in the shop.

Here's this weeks dinner idea:

Here's the link for what we got if you want to add it to your arsenal!

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