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Taco Thursday? Its a thing! - make Chimichurri your new go to for Taco Night

They say Chimichurri is the “ketchup” of Argentina. I’ve heard that said for years and that is actually how I came up with a version of Chimichuri Rojo, with the addition of roasted red tomatoes and charred radicchio!

Now, I am a high fructose corn syrup loving HEINZ ketchup fiend… don’t judge me, it is a problem I understand, my beautiful bride accuses me of eating French Fries just to have a vessel to get more ketchup into my mouth and not bite my finger accidentally. But that may be for another post. Oh and don’t even get me started on the ketchup vs. Catsup… who in the hell???

Back to chimichurri, a stark counterpoint to my beloved ketchup indeed. Bright, vibrant, herbaceous and spicy while being tantalizingly refreshing and palate charging when eating a juicy unctuous steak.

This is a great recipe, modified over the years to be brighter than the one I made some 25 years ago. The addition of the fresh mint is game changing, albeit not traditional. And if you choose to go rojo, you may not go back as they say!

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