Quick Summer Salad - no cooking required

its basically assembly - not a recipe, work with what you have or is abundant at farmers market.

-Sliced fresh peaches (nectarine or any stone fruit works)

-Fresh corn cut off the cobb (no substitute for fresh corn! its in season! I use Dandy Super Sweet Corn - because its the best but as fresh as you can get is key)

-Sliced red onions

-Fresh basil (watch the video for quick chiffonade)


-Lemon juice

-Salt & Pepper - key! salads need seasoning too

-Olive oil - this is when you pull out the good stuff!

-Pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds)

-Fresh Sugar Snap Peas (optinal, but I had em, I love the crunch they add)

Toss - DONE.

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