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Me & Rachael Ray Talking Bacon!

6 Comments 28 January 2013

Me & Rachael Ray Talking Bacon!
Talking about our favorite food... BACON!!!

Talking about our favorite food… BACON!!!

We had a tremendous time… The energy of the Live Audiance… the Lovely and Beautiful Rachael Ray by my side… and plates full of Bacon!!! it was a good day! Met Kevin Bacon back stage… my six degrees of seperation immediatly went to Zero!! Thanks for having me Rachael…

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  1. Laurel Robertson says:

    Hi Todd!

    I saw your appearance with Rachel Ray today. It was lots of fun. Congratulations!


  2. Gwen Templin says:

    Where can I find the Meatloaf recipe that you prepared on Rachael Ray’s program on Jan. 28, 2013?

  3. Sandy says:

    Looking for your meat loaf with bacon you made on Rachel Ray show yesterday.please post it for us bacon lovers.thanks Todd

  4. Sandy says:

    Looking for the bacon meat loaf

  5. roxie holt says:

    where can I find a receipt for bacon marmalade ?
    thank you

  6. Robert Johnson says:

    I see restaurants baking their bacon on some of the USOB shows. What temp and time are used to get the bacon done and a bit crispy?
    Great Show.

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