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How To: Crafted Menus

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You have the guest list, the budget (or not), the date…now what?  You need a menu that will be the topic of conversation until your next shin-dig.  What? You don’t have time!  Agreed and no offense, you don’t have the skills.  I’m just saying.

I am going to help you.   I follow a simple philosophy when crafting a menu, weather it is for a restaurant or a catered affair like a wedding.  One thing is ever present in a menu I have written…Enthusiasm!  Enthusiasm for the people that inspired it, the ingredients that weave throughout it and, most importantly, for the individuals that will be enjoying the carte du jour created for them.  Crafted catering is my specialty. So here is how I can help you:

1.  What is the party atmosphere?

  •  Cocktail reception with sit down dinner…
  • Intimate party with your closest 50 friends…
  • Screaming bash with the entire town….
  • Entertained guests by Chef Todd Fisher…(personal favorite)

OK no problem. Every part of your party should flow nicely into the next, conversation and food.  We will look at your desired experience and your budget to determine what will work best for your needs.

Best bet, dinner with reception will start at $40/person.

2.  How much is too much?

When it comes to food, you can never have enough small bites, yummy tid-bits and oh-I-gotta-try-that moments.  Besides your fascinating topics of conversation, board games and all around great hosting skills, your guests will want to be surprised and dazzled by your food.  So how much is too much?  I broke down pricing for you to show you what to expect for dinner for 50 people:

$15  Best fast food joint in town – super sized!

$25  Your greatest culinary achievement of all time.  But that’s not what you have time for – remember?

$35  Chef Todds Bites – perfect for stand up parties with cocktail napkins

$50 Crafted Dinner – creative menu with local and seasonal produce, memorable main course and simple desserts

$75 Crafted Dinner + – 3-4 crafted courses again using local and seasonal produce with a choice of main course and delectables.

Listen, when I embark on the journey of crafting a menu for a catered affair, I spend time getting to know the person or people that the menu is being created for.  Secondly,  I embrace the seasons and the bounty of that season.  Always at the vanguard of the time of year is the local offerings.  And let’s be honest, that is why I’m good at what I do!

3.  What if I don’t have the right place?

We all know what effect ambiance has on a party. The right lighting, the right mood music, the right… right.  Sometimes there isn’t enough room to mingle then sit and eat.  A good formula for party making is to see how you interact in your space.  Is there enough seating? Do you have enough room to move? What about the kitchen…eventually your party will end up in the kitchen. 

Solution:  Start in The Kitchen in Sand City

With a large industrial loft space and birds eye view of the chef and team, your party becomes the talk of the year.  The Kitchen is perfect for 50 – 300 people. 

Today when your life is spinning and there is a party looming, the “how to” of party planning, crafted menus and well a damn good time should be left to the professionals to plan.  Listen, that’s why I do what I do…to give you a memorable experience and all the credit (well mostly).  Let’s talk about your next event today, my knives are sharpened…so let’s get to work.

Contact: or call The Kitchen at (831) 206-8401.

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